• Exploring cosmic origins with CORE: mitigation of systematic effects; CORE Collaboration [arXiv]

  • Exploring Cosmic Origins with CORE: Survey requirements and mission design; CORE Collaboration [arXiv]

  • Mapping dark matter on the celestial sphere with weak gravitational lensing; Christopher G. R. Wallis, Jason D. McEwen, Thomas D. Kitching, Boris Leistedt, Antoine Plouviez [arXiv]

  • Wavelet-Based Segmentation on the Sphere; Xiaohao Cai, Christopher G. R. Wallis, Jennifer Y. H. Chan, Jason D. McEwen. [arXiv]

  • Sparse image reconstruction on the sphere: analysis vs synthesis; Christopher G. R. Wallis, Yves Wiaux, Jason D. McEwen. [arXiv]

  • Optimal scan strategies for future CMB satellite experiments; Christopher G. R. Wallis, Michael L. Brown, Richard A. Battye, Jacques Delabrouille. [arXiv, ADS]

  • A new map-making algorithm for CMB polarisation experiments; Christopher G. R. Wallis, A. Bonaldi, Michael L. Brown, Richard A. Battye. [arXiv, ADS]

  • Removing beam asymmetry bias in precision CMB temperature and polarisation experiments; Christopher G. R. Wallis, Michael L. Brown, Richard A. Battye, Giampaolo Pisano, Luca Lamagna. [arXiv, ADS]

  • Data analysis techniques useful for the detection of B-mode polarisation of the Cosmic Microwave Background; Christopher G. R. Wallis, PhD Thesis. [pdf]


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